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If you've been around racing at all you know karting is the training ground that develops winners. The Mid State Ohio Kart Club is proud to be the Central Ohio's largest active sprint kart racing organization.

We're racing 12 times at Circleville Raceway Park this year. Real head down, wheel-to-wheel, bugs-on-your-visor, gut-check racing.

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Chris Ianniello - President - MSOKC

17 Dec 2014

It's been awhile since my latest entry even though allot of stuff is going on. Also since I'm nearing the end of my tenure as your President, I thought it would be a good time to post.

First, I've really enjoyed leading the Club this year. I know it's been only a one year stint, but if you recall when officers were being lined up last year, due to my job volatility, I didn't think I'd have the time to devote to the club and didn't plan to run . My good friend Travis Miller was elected President but had to resign right away leaving the club without anyone at the helm. The Davis crew had definitely taken their turn running the Club the previous three years and were a little frazzled and said it was time for new direction. Since no one else stepped forward, I did. Now, with CRP taking on the actual track operation, I've decided drop into the background again, at least for awhile.

Continuing about CRP, I hope that you've been reading the BOD meeting minutes to follow CRP's progress to operate the races next year. As you've probably noticed in the list of the attendees, we haven't had much participation from them lately to report first hand on what they are doing. We've had to rely on information from talking with them informally. I was able to talk a little with Dolly down at the track this passed weekend and she said that Austin is going to help Eric next year and, most importantly, they have asked her, Dolly, to run registration and the Tower functions in addition to managing the sign in shack. This is good news as there are very important functions for the overall operation. As stated in the Minutes, John Fox has told Eric that he will help create the schedule and to do the Points. Bill Davis told Steve that the person who does the MSOKC website would like to be hired as the CRP WebMaster and Steve has replied that he would like to do that. I'm glad to hear that these tasks are being assigned, now they have to come up with a staff including Race Director, Tech Man ( and tech tools ), plus other important issues such as Class structure, spec tires, rules, etc.

Regarding MSOKC, I would like to see MSOKC continue as a group and to see people continue to race at and support Circleville. If you follow the Forum, you'll see a post by Bill about the club continuing to meet and, as a group, continue to support CRP. As I mentioned above, I've taken my turn as the President but am stepping down. Bill has expressed an interest in taking over, having been a staunch participant of our club serving as Spec Fuel supplier, Spec Tire supplier, Treasurer, and, most recently, as Secretary; and he has over 50 years experience in our great sport. So, at this time I'd like to throw my support behind Bill as next year's Leader, if he desires to run.

Please exercise your privilege to post your comments to the above and to any other issues in the Forum. Just keep your comments positive and non-accusatory - use PM's when appropriate.

Good luck to you all and I hope Santa puts lots of karting presents under the tree for you and your Junior Drivers this year and that you have a safe and fun Holiday.

Thank you,

Chris Ianniello
President - MSOKC

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Race No. 1 Sunday, Apr 13th
Race No. 2 Sunday, May 4th
Race No. 3 Sunday, May 18th
Race No. 4 Sunday, June 1st
Race No. 5 Sunday, June 15th
Race No. 6 Sunday, June 29th
Race No. 7 Sunday, July 13th
Race No. 8 Saturday, July 26th
Race No. 9 Sunday, August 17th
Makeup Race No. 8 Sunday, August 24th
Race No. 10 Sunday, Sep 7th
Race No. 11 Sunday, Sep 14th
Race No. 12 Sunday, Oct 5th
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