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If you've been around racing at all you know karting is the training ground that develops winners. The Mid State Ohio Kart Club is proud to be the Central Ohio's largest active sprint kart racing organization.

Our members will be competing at several tracks in the Midwest this season. Real head down, wheel-to-wheel, bugs-on-your-visor, gut-check racing.

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Bill Davis - President - MSOKC

17 July 2015

It's been too long since your President published in this venue, but I have been writing several issues in the general Forum section that I hope you have been reading and following.

At this time as well, what should be a President's Corner publication, I'm posting an article titled " Where Have All The Young Girls Gone ? "

The main reason I'm posting this item in the general area is that I really need feedback and the appropriate place for feedback is in the form of a reply / thread to the original post.

So ----- that said, please read the " Where have ----- " article and very importantly, speak up! We are at a critical stage of our Club in particular and for the existence of Karting in Central Ohio in general. Keep it positive and keep in mind many others, including other clubs, will be reading.


Bill Davis
President - MSOKC

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