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Learning about karting and our club:

Click through the easy Navigation bar from the latest news , our race schedule , forum and etc. to get more information.

Use our forum to read the latest discussions on karting , general MSOKC business and more. Post any and all questions you might have about karting or our club. 

Finding a kart that is best for you:

Looking through the classes page to find out where you fit in from age , weight and experience.

Our classified section is full of new and used items from karts ,  engines , clutches and much more. Also a lot of our Sponsors specialize in services and goods needed to get started. Just look though our Sponsors page for information on website links and phone #'s.

Practice days:

Circleville raceway and park is available for practice everyday except for RACEDAYS form early spring to late fall including those fluke warm days in the winter months. Just call the track number at (740)-477-1626 to clarify open hours. Check out the CRP website for all the track events.


Schedule of events:
Gates open at 8:00 am.
Registration  from 9:00 to 10:30.
Practice starts at 9:30.
       - (2) practice sessions for all classes.
       - Classes may be combined for time restraints.
Drivers Meeting at 11:30.
Green Flag at 12:00.

(2) heat races and a Feature race for non-qualifying days.
(1) 3 lap qualifying session with a Pre-final and Feature race for qualifying days.

Pit Pass:
Purchase a pit pass for all listed drivers , crew and spectators.

You may park in any open area , but a check with adjacent trailers to see if space is available would be helpful

Registration is normally held at the concession area. Registration hours are 8:30 - 10:30 on Sunday races and 1:00 - 3:30 on Saturday night races. Payments can be made by CASH , CHECK OR CREDIT CARD. All karts are required to have a working compatible transponder. Transponder rentals are available at registration for a $5.00 fee. You can race as a MSOKC member or a Non-member. A $5.00 fee for a Non-member. Points will be issued to members only.

Safety Tech:
You must get your kart Safety checked with the Safety tech official. A sticker will be provided and must be on the kart before any on track practice.

 Sunday Races: Practice will begin at 9:00 and will be called on the p.a. system by class. Class order is displayed on the grid. All classes will have (2) 5 min practice sessions. Practice ends at 11:30.
 Saturday Races: Practice begins at 2:00 and ends at 4:30.

Drivers Meeting:
Drivers meeting will begin at 11:30. All drivers and 1 parent of all youth classes are required to attend. Attendance will be called for a randomly called class. Race Director will announce race order and race format for the day.

Grid sheets:
Grid sheets will be posted at the scale house. Locate your class and starting position. If renting a transponder , you will be issued a transponder # , this # will be displayed next to your kart number.  1st heat will be the top sheet and 2nd heat will be the bottom sheet. FEATURE POSITIONS will be determined by the race finishes from the 2 heats.
 Qualifying days: There will be no race order for the 1st heat. 1st kart to the grid will enter the track 1st.

Track Entry:
Track entry will be signaled and allowed by the Grid Marshal only. Grid Marshal will open the gate and signal which direction to proceed.

The Head flagman will be stationed at the start finish line and track corner workers will be posted at certain corners. Their signals will be obeyed at all times. Check our rule book -GCR's ( General Competition Rules ) for the detailed understanding of each flag.

Checkered Flag:
When the checkered flag is waved and each driver crosses the finish line , the race is OVER , each driver is to slow down and proceed to turn 3 where the flagman will direct you to stop or proceed thru the cut off section of the track.

Exiting the track and scales:
Exit into the pits must be done in a slowed safe method with your HAND up to signal the drivers behind you. Driving onto the scales are prohibited. Push your kart onto the scales and weighing will consist of driver (his or her) equipment and kart. If using a rental transponder , put the transponder back into its charging position in the box.

Exiting the scales:
After weighing , push your kart to a safe position so others may exit the scales as well. Painting of engines , tires and other components will be done after the first heat and done at the scale house exit. The top 3 will be required to proceed to the tech in-pound for a post race tech after the feature race. All drivers will be checked for paint as well as race fuel at the scale house exit after the feature race.

Listen to public announcements for race updates and race orders.
Put trash into the Blue containers around the pit area.
No kart driving in the pit area.
No motorized scooters or mini bikes will be allowed in pit area.

Check our GCR's ( General Compitition Rules )for all information and detail on these guidelines and more at the RULES page.